Our Apps


Mini Piano

Fun on the go App, featuring different instruments and many popular songs to learn and play


Peaceful Aquarium HD

Convert your TV, Tablet or Phone into a beautiful aquarium and turn up the ambience with Peaceful Aquarium HD.

Peaceful Rain HD

Bring in the ambience of falling rain drops on your screen along with rain SFX and light thunder for your TV, Tablet and Phone.

Cozy Fireplaces

Cozy Fireplaces HD

Relax and snuggle up to Cozy Fireplaces HD, feel the warmth radiate from the screen for your TV, Tablet and Phone.

Elements of Ambinece

Elements of Ambience

Let elements of ambience relax your body and mind as you drift off into an atmosphere that you create.

Peaceful Snowfall

Peaceful Snowfall HD

Peaceful Snowfall HD in full screen HD with gorgeous Winter Scenes coupled with real like falling snow for your TV, Tablet and Phone.



A Drumset for your Tablet or Phone, use your fingers as drumsticks, authentic Rock and Jazz drum SFX

Stormy Ambience

Stormy Ambience HD

Stormy Ambience complete with soothing, relaxing sounding rain and thunder SFX coupled with great visuals of falling rain for your TV, Tablet and Phone

Moonlight Ocean HD

Moonlight Ocean HD

Enjoy the serenity and tranquility under a moonlit ocean with gentle ocean waves complete with relaxing gentle ocean surf and classicical music accompaniment.

Autmn Ambience

Autumn Ambience HD

Bring the autumn spirit right into your TV, Tablet and phone with stunning scenes of autumn coupled with falling leaves all in 1080 HD plus relaxing Autumn sounds and music.

peaceful galaxy

Peaceful Galaxy HD

Relax and unwind to the wonder and tranquility that is our universe, sit back and drift through the galaxy accompanied with classical music.

Dream Flight

Dream Flight HD

Sit back clear your mind and immerse yourself in a tranquil flight through a serene moonlight sky accompanied with gentle relaxing piano music.